Social Distancing & Studio Guidelines

We are looking forward to coming back and are sure that you have all been missing classes as much as we have during the lockdown.


We have been busy at the studio making changes so that we can keep everyone safe whilst returning to teach. In this effort we are following the current Government guidelines. As such these new ‘rules’ may change in the future to reflect any new guidelines or legislation that is released by the Government. 


Our primary concern is that we can return safely and do our part to minimise the risk for everyone. 

Here are the changes that we have made. 

  • Social distancing measures are in place at the studio. This means that we can only accept a maximum of 6 students per class. There will be two meters between each student. 

  • We have marked out spaces for each mat on the floor. If you are confused about this the teacher will be able to help you find a space on the evening. 

  • You must book in advance for all classes you wish to attend. This is so that the teacher can monitor numbers and everyone can get a space.

  • The studio will be cleaned with disinfectant between classes, we have therefore had to make some adjustments to the timetable to allow us enough time between classes to do this. It will also reduce the number of encounters in the corridor.

  • The studio will be aired for 15 minutes in between classes, this is a necessity and will also need to take place during the colder months, please consider bringing a blanket or jumper to class, as they will be useful for the first 10 minutes and the final relaxation.

  • Use of ALL studio equipment is temporarily prohibited. This includes mats, so you must bring your own mat to class. If you do not have the correct equipment and cannot participate in the class you may not be able to participate in the class but will still be charged in full for the lesson.

  • The teachers at the studio are not currently required by law to wear a face covering,  although they may choose to do so.

  • You are not required to wear a mask at class and it is your choice whether you want to or not. Everyone is different so please understand that some people may make a different choice from you. Please respect their choice and do not judge anyone for wearing / not wearing a mask. The current guidelines state that it is not necessary for practicing yoga indoors, providing social distancing measures are observed.

  • When entering and leaving the studio you must be aware of social distancing and you will be encouraged not to chat before or after class, at least inside the building, (I know it feels wrong). You may also be asked to wait outside whilst others check in for class, so please bear this in mind when considering whether or not you need an umbrella.

  • You will not be able to get changed on the premises so you must be ready to go when you arrive.

  • Teachers will not be making any physical adjustments in class and they will be keeping to their mat at the front of class. 

  • If on the day of your class you are feeling unwell or are judged to pose a health risk to others you may be asked to leave class.

  • There is hand sanitiser on your way in, please use it. 

  • We will no longer be taking bookings on team up, instead bookings must be made with the individual teacher. You may therefore be asked to fill in a new form before attending class.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us. 

We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.