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My Yoga Journey

So I decided to enrol on a Yoga course, I had taught fitness Yoga and snippets of Yoga in other classes over the last 19 years of teaching. It seemed like a good idea I though it would be a great addition to my business too.... WHAT I DIDN'T REALISE IS THIS........ It was life changing ... I'm sure you have heard this before but it was. How? I hear you ask!

Well first I have to take you back a few months to my week in Ibiza.. and no it wasn't a party week. I was presenting at a Yoga retreat. I had already enrolled on my Yoga training so thought I would fully immerse myself in anything I could to get a full experience of Yoga!

I tried Yin Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, beginners yoga, Healing sound yoga, fitness yoga and many more. Some were at 7.30 in the morning and trust me it has to be good to get up at that time of day!

I had some great experiences and some only what I can describe as releasing, so bringing out hidden emotions, things I have held back and put a brave front on.

So yes it involved me crying and yes I did it in public too ! I hate crying in public.

Anyway it made me deal with things emotionally, things that I had been shoving to the side that rear their ugly head at random moments.

t was the start of my love for yoga!

Until then I just perceived Yoga was more physical well that was how I was going to use Yoga!... WRONG....

Anyway our Yoga course was 2 weeks intensive with I might add a few exams, lots of lesson planning, lots of practice and more worksheets than I had ever seen!

Yoga training was a personal journey and I met some lovely people and again it was a journey into myself finding out things I needed to deal with and helping to deal with them. I am a private person so I'm not one to air things in public but I met other students and one in particular ( she knows who she is) Plus my Yoga Sista! and I was able to talk about the situation and the self blame and moving forwards and living life in hope that one day the situation may change. And that is a key word "BLAME" In life we always have to blame but I see it like this... If your intention was only ever good, which mine was then there can be no blame. YES we can all handle situations differently and not everything goes to plan. But do things with good intention.

And this is the key ... We cannot change things that have happened, but we can learn ways to cope with them, laying blame with not resolve things.

So YOGA....

YOGA training was a journey not just in teaching yoga but realising that it can help heal, bring you together with others, give you space to deal with things, work on who you are and who you want to be and how you can create that balance on your life...

It's not just about being able to touch your toes and do a headstand !

Anyway that's it from me ...

I would love to hear your Yoga stories



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