What is Karma?

June 29, 2017

So I am sure like me you have heard many conversations where the word"Karma"is mentioned .... What is Karma? What does Karma mean? 

Karma means action, to do, to act, to make. Karma is a shared things and happens when interaction occurs.


Our body interprets what we think, what we say and what we do. Whatever we say or hear is stored and impacts on our consciousness. These impressions are stored in our "Karmashya" our store house of Karma.



Karma enters our bodies as impressions and karma goes out as thoughts, words and actions.


Garbage coming in will cause garbage to go out!


When you do something the impression on your consciousness strengthens your "samskara" your intention.


So to create a positive intention we need to weaken the negative patterns and strengthen the positive ones.


Negative habitual patterns + Negative Karma (thoughts actions and words )= DUKHA (suffering)


So think how Karma has played out in your life. How have actions you have performed in your life come back to you energetically? and in what form?


Observe how Karma plays out in your life. Your mind stores all your impressions like a video camera, could you improve your impressions? How?


Hope you have found this an interesting read,


Have a great day




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