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Ditch the diet & Meditate

It must be a good year ago now in which I started to meditate daily. I started by using an app on my phone with a goal to change my thought process and how I see things. 

I soon discovered that by meditating and journaling things I wished to manifest, that indeed positive things started to happen! 

Instead of looking at what went wrong I started looking at what went right .. and this alone changed the vibration I was sending out into a positive not a negative! A negative vibration will only attract negative experiences! 

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Back in September I decided to continue further with my meditation journey and enrolled on a course to become a meditation teacher.

Graduating in December I can say it was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done!

Daily meditation has helped me behind more focused enabling me to get more work done, it’s given me clarity and direction, I’ve had some of my best ideas after meditation practice!

I find my mental health is better, my moods are more stabilised, I’m calmer , have more patience... the list goes on! 

Sitting here on holiday (sorry) I have been listening to audio books .. 

“The universe has your back”

“You are a badass”

“The law of attraction”

“F**k it The ultimate spiritual way”

Guess what they all have in common? 

They all say “MEDITATE”

With new year approaching we are to be bombarded with “lose weight” “detox” “diet”

“Join the gym” 

My approach is completely different!

I say work on the inside first! 

Work on your mindset , change your thought process, be mindful , be kind to your body , nourish it and don’t feel that to get results you have to torture yourself!

Statistics show that just over 60% of New years resolutions are broken and and many in the first month! 

Surely we are better to look at our mindset and lifestyle instead of going all out?! 

Love to know your thoughts 

If you fancy learning meditation then get in touch